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Smart Site Construction

Custom horizontal wood fence


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Smart Site Construction is a professional and innovative Fence Contracting Firm based in Denison, Texas. We specialize in site setup, fence, and gate installations. Our services include wood fences, ornamental iron, chain link, automatic gates, and high-security fence installations for both residential and commercial clients. With a focus on efficiency and high-quality work, we aim to provide privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal to properties through our professional and innovative services. Contact us today and find out how we can help.

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About Us

Professional & Reliable

We are a husband and wife owned company. We've both worked within the fence construction industry for over 20 years now. Providing safety and security as cost effectively as possible is something we have always been passionate about. We have worked for several different fence companies--fence supply chains, residential, and commercial fence builders, and helping bid and build high security fences for government entities for years past. Having seen the quality decline time and time again, we decided a few years ago that enough was enough. We started our own company where we knew the quality and pricing would always align with our core values. We are commercially insured. We hope we get the opportunity to build for you. Call for a free quote today!

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